Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Blog???

You must be wondering as to why I started this blog. Well, besides being assured that there is transparency in the system and no doubts/crazy thoughts nibbling our minds, there is surety to follow events as they occur, unfolding the secrets of laws as we face them and learning from each other.
For example I came across this query where one person is confused and he needs some help. He asks, “Already the builders have delayed more than 18months for handing over the apartment. What we should do now?”
And he gets an reply “In case possession of the flat is not offered to the Buyer within a period, the Buyer shall be entitled to receive compensation.”
Any discrepancies relating to money matters not fulfilled by the Builder like rendering accounts for maintenance fund collected, corpus money etc, will tantamount to misappropriation and the best route is to make a criminal complaint. Civil complaint for recovery of money from a builder is something next to impossible. Next is to post blogs on all websites about the affairs of the builder in your complex so that the builder gives some attention to solving such matters.

At present this blog is private and the discussions are merely between the building members only. This is the place where we can be safe in clearing out our doubts and help us understand the problems which other building members are not able to solve.

I came across a page ‘Handover from builder and Corpus fund for Apartment maintenance , which will be useful to us after our building is completed, do visit to get the clear idea.

It will be nice if other member hit upon a new idea that is doing rounds in the market and they come here to share the news with us. Any news cuttings, any new rule, any new law, there are hundreds of periodicals nowadays and it is getting difficult to keep abreast with all the news, in that case a little tip posted here will go the long way.

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