Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Satguru wins

The ball is rolling and there are serious discussions now. We voted and selected Satgurus.

Yesterday seven members of our society went to talk to Satgurus builder to get the best proposal. The members who went were Mrs Arora, Mr Chainani, Mr Malhota, Mr. Balwani, Mr Punjabi, Mr Thakur, and Mr Amarnani.

He has promised to give high class quality building and will send in the details of his proposal in writing within fifteen days. Some of their ongoing projects under Satgurus can be found HERE

The letter of consent has already been given to him.

Society has enough money to hire their own professional helpers that will include accountants, advocates, and other guidance for checking the materials that will be used by them during construction. It will take around six months to prepare the paper work and all other formalities before we move out.

Now we wait in anticipation.

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