Monday, May 17, 2010

Daulat Baugh is breathing its last days

I am kind of feeling sad that my building in which I have lived for last thirty years is breathing its last days. I came to this building when I was a teenager and I have some wonderful memories in this building.

It has always been one of the best building of this 36th road where people have lived like one big family.

As soon as we enter our building we have greenery behind the gate.

 The children are very helpful to the elders of the society and they show great respect
to everyone

For years I have watched Kunjbala aunty chitchat with her friends on Tankiee during evening hours.

 Children from all other buildings are welcomed to spend the evening hours playing in the building compound, some of them playing indoor games outdoors.

 We had some good memories but now its time for it to go

Yes, the building is in very bad shape and it is about to break apart.

renovating and re-painting will not help

It will be demolished soon to make way for a new building which will not allow drying out the clothes like this

Though I have my best times here, but every things comes to an end and I shall miss my home here, I keep thinking if I will grow to get attached to new one too.

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