Saturday, March 18, 2017

TV on Play Store at SS

In Satguru Shlok, you don’t need TV in every room, although nobody is stopping you if you like to. But the building is wholly wired internally so that ugly wires that you see them swinging from one building to another are not visible in our building, The wires come into building underground ,discreetly, and transports to every flat at certain points only. All the room  in each flat have such wires installed , but at one wall only. Your TV guy knows how to extract those wires into your room and get you TV connection. It is important to check where those points are, before you start to redesign the placement of your furniture and put fixtures on your wall. Hammering the wall with nails above these points can puncture the wires behind the wall.

Some members did have problem when they didn’t plan or had overlooked these switches. They had to redo the wiring and shift their plug points to their desired position, but that is so cumbersome, plus of course extra expenses.

I am not much fond of TV so I have TV only in two rooms. There is no TV in my living room nor is in my bedroom.

I have normal Win cable connection in one bedroom and advance IPTV in my media room. 

I am not too happy with IPTV because it is dependent on WIFI so if I have connection problems, the IPTV also blackens out. IPTV is the new technology and is still having teething problems, maybe in long run it might get better when more internet programs get installed. You will be able to see TV broadcasted from around the world and be able to watch movies and other programs at your request. There is UTUBE and some movies already downloaded, there are many different language programs from other side of the globe too. There are Japanese, Chinese, German , Urdu and many other languages too.  (for example..If I have guests from Spain, they can watch HBO in Spanish. ) IPTV is just like a computer and I am sure it will have great future when it become fully functional. 

To get more information on IPTV you could READ HERE

But still, presently I would have prefered TATA SKY.  (Known from unknown) but that would be available only if there were more members demanding it. It might be a big effort because whole new wiring may have to be installed internally. I am not too sure if the wires are already installed)

Sometimes, I want to watch TV while having lunch (Just time pass, you know, specially when food is not to my liking and TV is a good distraction..

On such days I watch TV on my mobile. Our building has WIN cable connection and if you download WIN-GO from play store on your mobile, you will get 20 free channels on your mobile that includes news, music, spiritual and some movie channels too.

So go on, if you are residing at Satguru Shlok, download the app called WIN-GO from your play store  and enjoy the TV on your mobile screen..all for free………

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