Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Very Own Gym

The other day, I went down to the 1st floor, which is actually a club floor. One door opens to Podium, another door opens to office and party room and another opens to Gym and swimming pool.

I entered the door leading to Gym. A loud music was playing and one member was on the treadmill. He was quite engrossed in his music and exercise that he didn’t notice us.

But I must say, it’s a beautiful room with state-of-art equipments. Although I have never done gymming in my life, this is first time that I wish I could.

There is TV in one wall of the room, I am sure when the gyms becomes totally functional, this will be a good venue to meet the society members.  The floor is fully covered with rubber padding to prevent the beautiful marble beneath. (You never know, when those heavy weights fall and break the floor).. Every detail has been attended to.  The managements has really taken pains to get the best and I have seen them help lift those equipments and find time to be there and arrange it. Appreciate the time they have invested from their busy life.

There is rest room and two changing rooms (male and female)

All walls are covered with mirrors from top to bottom, except one wall, that has long french windows overlooking the street. A small flower bed outside those windows has spot lights and bougainvilleas plants, which, when grown, will escape through long metal rods, on to the walls outside the building.

I am just waiting for those beautiful, thorny ornamental flowers bloom in the rainy season. I am expecting to walk on the carpet of these  colourful flowers, that will fall on those cobbled tiles....

While I was there, one person entered the gym. I didn’t know him, so I started to talk. He was a personal trainer, appointed by one of the tenant of the building. I am happy that members are appointing their own personal trainer, at least the cost of training members will not be added on our monthly bill, I hope.

Anyways the management has laid down the rules for members to follow. Good rules for smooth operation of our gym.

The Rules:

State of the art gym at Satguru Shlok is up n operational from 7 am to 10 pm.

Let's not forget the gym etiquette that need to be followed by the society members
1. Outside footwear not allowed in the gym .
2. Members can carry their workout shoes n change in the changing rooms provided.
3. Follow the same while exiting the gym .
4. Request you all to maintain hygiene .
5. Request you all to switch off the lights n AC in case  you are the last one to exit .
6. Request u all to carry ur own gym towel which can be used by individuals to clean the equipment post their workouts.
7. Keep the gym clean no chewing gum to be thrown in the gym area/toilet/dustbins.
8. Weights needs to be kept back in the rack post use
9. U may carry your own mats for workouts
10. Carry ur own water
11.  Toilet Hygiene needs to be strictly followed by all members
12. Avoid having loud conversation on the phone in the gym area.

Happy gymming

Our Very Own Gym

The other day, I went down to the 1 st floor, which is actually a club floor. One door opens to Podium, another door opens to office and p...