Saturday, May 1, 2010

Choosing the Builder

Democratic Voting for the builder

Today, the meeting was held in Daulat Baugh office.

We had lots of discussions on four builders who had approached us, Kamala, Wadwa, Satgurus, and Supreme.

Kamaka’s proposal is very lucrative money wise and is very much tempting with all the amenities that they are offering: park, swimming pool, jogging area, gym etc

Satguru’s construction is very classic and he has quality, It is believed that they make very good buildings with best materials that they use, although their monetary offer was the lowest.

Wadwa proposal is good too and their financial status in the market is quite stable

Supreme construction is good too and we have a ready example building opposite our building.

To maintain the transparency, at 12noon we had democratic voting, where each one was given a slip of paper and they had to vote for one builder only. And it was decided that the final decision would be taken on the voting of all those who were present at the meeting.

People, who had not come for meeting, were summoned to cast their vote too, and some of the members came to the office only to vote and went back after voting.

There were 21 votes

One vote ‘nobody’
One vote went to ‘Supreme’
Three votes went to ‘Wadwa’
Two went to ‘Kamala’
Fourteen votes went to ‘Satgurus’

So it was decided that a letter of consent would be sent to ‘Satgurus’. And further problems will be ironed out eventually.

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