Monday, April 11, 2011

Presentation by five short-listed developers

The presentation took place at National college conference room on Saturday, 9th April 2011 at 7pm, 80% of the total members attended the meeting. Five short listed builders were invited for presentation, of which one builder “Midcity Group” did not turn up, and “Man Global” was not very informative but promised to provide all the information within a week. The remaining three builders were good in their presentation and had come prepared with all the details of the ammenties they had to offer us.

'Nagpal developers' plans to built three flats on each floor, while 'Parthesh developers' had a flower shaped building with six flats on each floor with enough ventilation in each house, and 'R.S. Builders' had L-shaped building with a common view of the green podium and a promise of high quality construction.

The presentation consisted of the brief summary about their company, their completed projects, projects under construction and their future projects. Each developer presented details of construction they were prepared to provide to Daulat baugh and what could be expected from their proposals.

We had to be assured that if there be little tweaking in the new laws, the builders would comply with the new plans, and we wanted to be assured that re-development went smoothly as planned and it was in our favor, therefore all the developers were asked similar questions regarding the bank guarantees and their performance securities.

The meeting lasted for over four hours and there is a video coverage of the whole presentation which can be made available to any member who wishes to view it with the permission of the building secretary Dr Arora.

Many of the members are still confused after the presentation and need help in understanding this proposal before making any decision, because all the amenities that were offered by all these builders looked quite promising. Many of the members would like to visit the completed projects of these builders to get a gist about the quality offered by these builders. To clear the doubts and discuss few points in details, there will be informal meeting on Sunday, 17th April at 11:30am in the society office. All the point will be discussed again amongst the members so that members of the society can come to a common decision/agreement on selecting a reliable builder.

Another formal meeting will take place again after one week, on 24th April, where the voting will be held in the presence of the representative registrar of the society. The voting will also be video recorded to maintain transparency.

It is compulsory for every member to attend that meeting on 24th April because every vote counts and it is important that 70% of the members consent to this redevelopment.

Hope all the member will unite and come to a common decision and move ahead, before the new rules emerge and we are caught up in new contradictions.

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