Saturday, April 30, 2011

Appointing the developer for redevelopment of our society

As per 79(A) of the MCS Act 1960 the meeting for the voting of the builder took place at National college conference room. 25 authorized society members of the total 29 members were present at the meeting and that included members who came from far off places like Surat, New Delhi and Hongkong.

Everybody came before 7pm whose attendance was recorded and a ballot sheet with the list of five short listed builders was given to all the members where by members were asked to tick on the builder of their choice.

 At the dot of 7pm. the meeting commenced with the welcome note by our Chairman, Mr Chainani and Mr Malhotra.


Whole process was video recorded and the counting of the vote was done in the presence of registrar of society.

And the result was one vote for Nagpal, 3 votes for Prathesh and 21 votes for RS

It was decided that RS would be the appointed builder for our society.

Everybody congratulated each other over sandwiches and wafers and urgency to go further with the next step was expressed by every member of the society.

The development plan will now move forward where by society will sign a ‘development agreement’ with the developer.

Click here to know more about ‘development agreement’

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