Saturday, July 17, 2010

Next meeting on 23rd July

Early morning I received the circular from society announcing the meeting on Friday 23rd to discuss the redevelopment program.

The managing committee has been meeting the builder, discussing the plan, trying to get the best deal for the members. They are thinking of appointing an advocate who will guide every member to safeguard their interest. Every word in the document has a hidden meaning which cannot be seen by unsuspecting member, with advocate’s help we will know the right laws before signing on a dotted line. Then society will also appoint a structural engineer who will supervise over the construction and make sure that the promised faculties are delivered so that there is no compromise on the quality of the building. We have selected Satguru who assured us quality or else there were many builders with better offers, so naturally we would want the best and with our own structural engineer and advocate, we safeguard that interest. There is money in the society which will be used to pay these people.

We need to be grateful to the managing committee that they take out time from their busy schedule to discuss the matter on behalf of society. It is actually a thankless job, cause we judge them, doubting them sometimes, wondering why would they give their time for this voluntary work without any selfish motives. But writing on this blog is to ensure some transparency in the system as far as we can. If we start suspecting the very people whom we appointed for the chair, then we will reach nowhere. We have to trust each other. They are open to suggestions and they have never refused me any inquiry on any subject so far.

Everything is going well, and all the members are quite excited about this redelopment except the owner of flat number 17 plus 24 who has made ridiculous demands for the resale of his house. Come on give me a break!!! Who will pay Rs50000 per square foot in Bandra???? This is our greatest obstacle which we need to resolve.

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