Sunday, July 4, 2010

Annual General Body Meeting-July 2010

Today we had general body meeting which was attended by sixteen members only. Its funny how members fail to show up for meetings, I have noticed that generally people attend society meeting only if they have a problem which they need to address, otherwise they are happy to ask their neighbors for updates. I don't like to miss the society meetings unless I am travelling, for me it is a social responsibility. Being a member of a society, we have right to information, and right to express our opinion such that the living in the society becomes a pleasant experience. Plus it gives us chance to get to know the members and drop off the veil of alien-like feelings.

Anyways, the meeting started twenty minutes late, (waiting for late comers) and all the points on the agenda were discussed one by one.

 The nomination forms were available in the society office, few days prior to the meeting, whereby any member desiring to be the part of the committee could send in their application and become a member, and there were only five applicants who volunteered and were appointed. So we have a managing committee as follows:
  • Mr. Chainani – Chairman
  • Mrs. Arora – Secretary 
  • Mr. Balwani– Treasurer 
  • Mr Malhotra - committee member 
  • Mr. Amarnani – Committee member.  
After discussing the balance sheet for the year 2009-2010 and approving the same, we shifted our topic to redevelopment.

 The plans for redevelopment are under way, four of the committee members met with Satgurus builders few days ago to discuss the plans and the formalities, at present there are two propositions: 
  • One is to make ONE twelve- story-building occupying the whole plot of land with two lifts and a large lobby, which will have first six floors for present occupants and remaining six floors for new members
  • Second plan is to make TWO similar blocks with separate entrance, one behind the other, which might offer better ventilation, one block upto 12 floors for present occupants and other block upto 12 floors for new members. Both the plans will be presented to the society by Friday, where by members can discuss with their family the pros and cons of both the proposals and then there will be democratic voting to pass the final plan.
Since Satgurus has offered 33% extra space, the new area offered to the members will be as follows
  • Apartments with 650sq/ft will get 864sq/ft
  • Apartments with 550sq/ft will get 731sq/ft
  • Apartments with 450sq/ft will get 598sq/ft
We will have more frequent meeting once the plans are passed and I hope we will have good percentage of attendee too.

Now shall await the next meeting, next Sunday, 11th July 2010.

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