Friday, July 23, 2010

Meeting on 23rd July 2010

Today the meeting was called at 7’30 in the evening and more than 15 members attended the meeting. The main points that were discussed during this meeting was that the managing committee has decided to follow the rules and regulations and will follow to the point as stated in Section 79(A) MCS ACT 1960 so that if there is any litigation problem in future it can be tackled as per law.

They have promised us transparency in every matter and have promised to work for the better of the society so that everybody is treated equal. The most important factor to look into right now is to appoint a project management consultant. They have taken the quotation of five architects and are open to suggestions from society members if they wish to recommend any other than the ones that have been narrowed down to five.

They plan to appoint an advocate whom the society will pay from society fund who will guide each member during the re-development process.

As per law, they made it very clear that only the member or the associate member will be allowed to attend the meeting and cast their vote in society affairs and requested the members to fill the forms if they wished to become an associate member.

A special re-development file has been created wherein every discussion/suggestions/ information will be filed and Mr Shiv Malhotra has taken the responsibility of maintaining all the records.

Henceforth, every suggestion is to be given in writing to the society.

Society is considering of appointing a structural engineer who will do the quality control.

There will be frequent meeting henceforth and the decisions will be taken jointly.

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