Monday, November 1, 2010

TOI clipping: date friday, July 16, 2010

During the meeting this evening, this cutting from the paper was discussed in the meeting

Cessed bldgs in island city to get 2.5 FSI

Yogesh Naik

Mumbai: Cessed buildings in the island city falling under Class C (constructed after 1960) will get the benefit of 2.5 floor space index (FSI). There are 1,270 such buildings. The decision was taken at a meeting held by chief minister Ashok Chavan in Vidhan Bhavan on Thursday.

The government will have to make amendments to the development control rules and the Mhada Act as well. There are 16,104 cessed buildings in Mumbai. Of these, 13,307 are in A category, 1,474 are in B category and 1,270 are in C category.

At present, the old cessed buildings in category A get 2.5 FSI or they have to accommodate the old residents which form rehabilitation component and get incentives FSI ranging from 50% to 70% of the area rehabilitated, whichever is higher.

In case of B Class buildings, the developer does not get much. He has to rehabilitate the old tenants and gets the incentive FSI of the 50 to 70% of the rehabilitated area.

In C Class, the FSI is just 1.33 per cent.

“However, many of them were constructed in a period when there was a cement shortage. The average life of any building in Mumbai is about 40 years and these buildings have detoriated. Hence it is very essential to give them the benefit. The CM has decided to include C class buildings in 33(7) scheme,’’ said a senior state official.

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