Monday, October 4, 2010

Next meeting on 11th October

I know, I know, it’s been 2 months already since we last had the building meeting although we were promised frequent meetings, but this is India and everything works at their own pace. Some of the members have given up hope of ever getting their building redeveloped.

It takes too long.

This year, there was too much rain and the situation of the building is getting worse. I don't think any house in the building is spared from damage. There is a big, deep fissure on the wall of block B and is quite deep now and needs serious repairs.

Few weeks ago, the balconies of the building, which is at the end of our lane collapsed and the debris is still not cleared. Luckily, no body was hurt. But we are hoping that our building does not meet the same fate. Every time I see the block B, I am scare that it might come tumbling down.

I only hope it does not.

Anyways, next meeting is on 11th October at 7:30pm to approve and appoint a PMC (Project Management Consultant) as per guidelines for the redevelopment project of the society building.

Committee members argue that they want to do the right way so that there is no problem in future and our building redevelopment is not stalled.

Keep your fingers crossed then.

Hope something materializes this time and the plans move forward.

If you are in town, don't give this a miss

See you then


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