Monday, October 11, 2010

General body meeting was held at 7:30 on 11th October 2010.

For those of you who are still wondering why the process is so slow, this is the gentle reminder that society want to proceed as per law “MCS ACT 1960”

Today the point 4 was completed that required
Five architects/PMCs that are either on the “Government Panel” or “Panel of the local authority” should be short-listed for preparing project report. The architect/PMCs should give quotations of their charges. Members can also suggest, at least eight days prior to the meeting, names) along with quotations of the architects/PMCs, as also suggestions, recommendations for the redevelopment.
Society selected Mr. Sumitra Shinde (approved by BMC) whose quotation was approved being the lowest, to be paid in two installments, who will prepare the project report of the building plan.

Next step is to put advertisement in the paper TIO for city builders to submit their tenders for re-development plan.

Once more, the members of the society were reminded that only authorized members or associated members will be allowed at the meeting. The members should carry their photo identities for verification.

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