Monday, April 19, 2010

It’s been three years of indecisions

I know its summer holidays when I hear the children playing down in the compound. Daulat Baugh had always been a playground for all the kids of the 36th Lane. I have beautiful memories of my childhood in this building and I would never want to go and live elsewhere

But now it is 50 years old and it is in a very bad shape. My heart bleeds. We need to decide fast, want renovation or go for redevelopment.

Renovation will cost lotsa money, and I am not willing to invest in the building where the renovation might last only for next 5 years and the we will be to back to square one.

I am all for redevelopment, for a very special reason that I am not getting younger and find it difficult to climb two stories. Redevelopment means a shiny building with 2 lifts, a modular kitchen and bathroom with touch of class plus extra space of 33 percent. I think it is a good bargain for everybody in the building. A new building will also upgrade the value of the house, since it is in a prime location. I hope everybody in the building cooperates in this count.

Presently, we have proposals from four builders. Kamala, Vaswani, Wadwa and Satgurus. I saw the construction of Wadwa some time back and I was not very happy with the materials that were used for flooring nor I did like that flowerbeds on each balcony, moreover he was offering three bathroom which was eating away the extra space resulting into smaller rooms. Vaswani builders has his building recently constructed just opposite our building in our lane, but I do not like that too, for the reasons I don’t wish to disclose, as for Kamala, it is not too elite and very common.

But yes, I was bowled over by Satgurus..I went to check out their newly constructed building at 16th road and I liked the solid construction and the materials used. All the rooms had balconies with tiles and I love balcony for my evening cup of tea. The bathroom had good quality accessories, plus the doors, windows, flooring and the compound were quite good. They had one office, a nice lobby, one party room and gym. I had no complains and if I had a choice, I would readily go for Satgurus.

I would however like to know what other members feel about Satguru. Will you vote for Satguru on 1st may, when we have the general meeting? Discuss, think, contemplate, but please make up your mind, we are running out of time and I am getting restless.

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