Friday, April 30, 2010

A Building opposite Daulat baugh

called Om Sadan, is the beautiful looking building by Supreme builders.

I spoke to one of the members who said that an apartment in the building costed her around four crores. Initially there was three story building which now has nine floors.
There is one appartment per floor. After giving apartments to the present owners per floor, the rest of the apartments were sold off at market price.

Anyways, what that person told me is that she bought the house in four crores and after one year of its occupancy, she has an offer of seven crores. She is planning to sell off and go look for another house and invest the money for comfort.

whoop! three crores profit in just one year!!!

something to think about....

good enought reason to go for redevelopment. even if you decide to stay in the new apartment for a year and then decide to sell, you still make a good profit

Now tell me, in which bank will you make a profit of three crores in just one year???

shouldn't we go for redeveopment then?

Or you still prefer to stay in the dumps dillying dallying over silly excuses?

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