Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clean and Green Society Gets Rebate on Property Tax.

During one of our meeting before redevelopment, there was talk of  rain water harvesting but I don’t think that there is any provision in our new building or is there?

When our building was under construction, I had expressed the desire of installing solar panels on the terrace. Due to lack of space on the terrace, this idea was not received well.

I wish we had found some space to install solar panels to cover at least the cost of society electricity bills. Our building is well lighted from all angles of our society, inside out, at the flower beds, at the pools, in the lobby and common areas, and it does look beautiful, it is a good feeling, but I am dreading the huge electricity bill that i will have to pay. Moreover, carrying out environment friendly measures gets 10 percent discount on property tax.

Today I receive a circular from BMC to segregate dry and wet waste. This is a good idea and is accepted in all countries around the world. It is eco friendly move where all the garbage can be disposed off methodically and it can help city be clean and green. There is a norm that says that “If a housing complex in Mumbai manages to dispose its waste efficiently, then, it can apply for a ‘Clean green society’ tag, which makes it eligible for certain rebates in property tax.”

A society that manages zero garbage will get the highest rebate on offer.

“All the visible parameters will be assessed. For example, an electricity bill that can show the reduction in bill owing to the society’s use of green methods will get the rebate.,” said a senior civic official. The BMC which began its ‘Clean Society, Green Society’ scheme in August, has drawn some broad guidelines to provide the discount in property tax. The housing complexes in the city that eliminate the entire amount of waste collected, transported and disposed, will get the highest rebate, said the guidelines. 

I have not yet received any society bill since moving in, but I am still afraid of what amount in the bill to expect when I receive one.


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