Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, 1966.

Since our building is going for redevelopment, there are certain DC regulations which we need to be familiarized with. We have been highly confused with the term Chajja and flower beds and I have discovered that both mean the same thing, its just an ornamental protrude from the building and it has be of certain dimensions.

The proposed modification to the relevant DCRs for Gr. Mumbai pursuant to notice No. CMS 4311/452/CR-58/2011/UD-11: Government of Maharashtra, Urban Development Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai dated 25th July, 2011.

Compensatory FSI proposed on charging premium at 100% of the Stamp duty Ready Reckoner Rate for developed lands, for residential buildings.
Balcony   10%
Flower Beds/Chajja 10% - 15%
Ducts other than toilet ducts - 2.5%
Letter Box Room/MTNL Room/ Meter Room/BMS/Drivers room.-1.5%
Niche  1%
Total   25% - 30%

More details can be read atthis blogspot,  DC regulations have been explained in details and gives deep insight to the norms to be followed.

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