Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progress in the Redevelopment Process

Tentative plans for the redeveloped building were received from R.S.Builders and these were shown to small groups of society members between 22nd and 24th February. General feedback was good so a more comprehensive meeting was called on 26th February at 10.15 am where the representative of the builders, Mr.Kunal Babani, was also invited to be present.
The purpose of the meeting was to explain the floor plans of the proposed new building in detail by Mr.Babani as also other features of the new building, and answer any questions or solve any doubts that the members may have by both the committee members and Mr.Babani.
Mr.Babani explained the plans as well as talked about the appearance of the building entry lobby, a garden with an area for senior citizens as well as walking track. The number of parking podiums will depend on BMC permission.
Some members were unhappy with the allotment of floors and some with the layouts of their flats. These concerns will have to be addressed by the redevelopment committee and the builder.
We hope there will be another meeting soon with more developments and good news and that the Redevelopment process will now go smoothly and swiftly.

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